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Prioritize Security.

Address all risks on your transformation journey to inspire trust and build resilience.

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Your challenge. Turn security constraints into value adding opportunities.

In an increasingly unstable environment marked by intensified threats, show confidence and secure your shareholders interests. 

Make security your second skin, simultaneously flexible and durable. Make it supports the movements of your company. Security facilitates and gives assurance to every evolution, innovation and development. Making them sustainable.

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How we do it Embrace the unpredictable.

Efficiently respond to threats with a clear security strategy.

Define eligibility requirements for your cloud projects, prioritize actions, update your policies framework and optimize your security processes.

Enhance your cloud compliance monitoring.

Set up tooling and processes, automate controls, perform punctual PF and CI/CD audits and set-up remediation plan (GDPR, PCI-DSS, ANSSI & Cloud Security Alliance guidelines…).

Build resilient projects with personalized security approaches.

Work together with architect and DevOps teams to natively integrate security best practices in all your cloud projects: – Build a heavy-duty and resilient cloud environment – Control and protect your strategic data – Deliver secured applications faster – Empower your users with the proper identity & accesses.

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December 7, 2021

Devoteam enters a Strategic Collaboration with AWS to focus on accelerating EMEA customers cloud adoption.

Devoteam A Cloud will hire 1500 cloud experts by 2025…

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