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Reach Cloud Modernization & Optimization

Modernize your architecture, automate operations and learn new methods to optimize workloads continuously.

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Your challenge. Use cloud adoption as a continuous improvement process.

The cloud is way more than just a cheap and efficient data storage system. Companies have to set strategies on the cloud and change everything they do to realize its full potential. 

Invest in modernization and optimization and reach numerous benefits tomorrow including cost reduction, innovation, speed to market, ability to upsell or upscale.

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How we do it Move from adoption to a fruitful operating model.

Multiple business value

Focus on business outcomes to automate tasks and pipelines, monitor performance and make concrete decisions to create adding value.

Reduce costs

Measure, optimize and forecast your costs precisely and never pay more than what you really need and use with on-demand pay-as-you-go cloud services.

Become more agile

Scale progressively, according to your needs and build loosely coupled systems to gain time and agility with AWS enabled automation.

Increase quality & reliability

Benefit from high availability, security & AWS managed services embedded in new processes and operating models.

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December 7, 2021

Devoteam enters a Strategic Collaboration with AWS to focus on accelerating EMEA customers cloud adoption.

Devoteam A Cloud will hire 1500 cloud experts by 2025…

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