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Deploy Continuous Security Controls on AWS

Deploy Security Controls without limiting your Cloud & DevOps Agility.

A Cloud Partner AWS

Devoteam A Cloud Consulting Offer


Select, deploy and evolve a CSPM / CWPP solutions in line with the technical and functional specificities of your organisation and ensure continuous monitoring of your Cloud and container environments, rapid escalation of alerts, optimization of your remediation actions and better support your IT teams to integrate best security practices as early as possible in the projects.

Starter Package Deliverables

  • Business, Security & IT requirements portfolio
  • Market study, PoC set-up, test plan and decision dossier (technical, functional, cost analysis)
  • RACI of control activities, documentation of control process, inventory of control checks
  • HLD, implementation plan, training guide, deployment / optimization of the solution

Customer Contribution

  • Identification of the PoC perimeter, cartography of its CIoud & CI/CD ecosystem, access to relevant IT components and availability of IT components owners / admin
  • Inventory of security certification, regulations and internal cloud security policy requirements and priority assessment
  • Results of previous security reviews
  • Requirements for up to 3 dashboards (strategic, tactical, operational views)


Key Activities

Scoping: technical perimeter definition (first one and subsequents – based on technologies and risk areas), security and compliance requirements and priority, connected IT ecosystem, key stakeholders, targeted governance model.

Selection of the solution (PoC & pilot) or study of the technical and functional axes of optimisation and industrialisation of existing solutions (deployment, monitoring, alerting, remediation), HLD conception (depending on your use case).

Solution implementation or optimization, documentation & procedure writing and training session (depending on your use case).

Dashboard: build visualizations, perform ad-hoc analysis to provide continuous reporting, highlight the ROI and facilitate collaboration between teams .

Customer Ready Solutions

Parameter and deploy scalable solutions covering broad IT scopes that help you proactively and continuously monitor the level of compliance and security of your Cloud and CI/CD environments, quickly detect materialized risks or deviation and set-up an adapted remediation action taking into account your organisation specificities and your shared responsibilities model.

“There are many initiatives and achievements in the Cloud, and (…) the control of Cloud services and their security are strategic to support the sustainable expansion of business services.”