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Let’s meet virtually! The first Devoteam
A Cloud Loft for
AWS Solutions

Our first Loft is all about modernization and transformation! For example, take part in one of our hands-on workshops on serverless or find out from one of our customers what advantages microservices open up!

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Empower your business with AWS enterprise Cloud Platform

Modernize your infrastructure, data and applications with an awarded AWS Cloud partner. Adopt a powerful way of thinking and operating. Explore uncharted possibilities. And reimagine your business with AWS and Devoteam A Cloud.

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are you?

Assess your cloud readiness in 10 questions. Get clear, actionable recommendations to make cloud a business accelerator.

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Solutions. Leverage AWS cloud to become an enterprise platform ready to seize every opportunity.

Focus on innovation and deliver faster results thanks to a highly reliable, scalable, low-cost infrastructure platform in the cloud. Let Devoteam A Cloud teams guide you to explore, adopt and harness the AWS ecosystem.


Lay the foundations and start a massive shift of your operations and practices in the Cloud.

Data & Machine Learning

Leverage cloud capacities to move from data insights to predictions and make impactful decisions.

Modernization & Optimization

Modernize your architecture, automate operations and learn new methods to optimize workloads continuously.

Edge Computing

Make buildings, factories, processes interactive and intelligent to build the Industry 4.0 with Cloud technologies.


Address all risks of your transformation journey to inspire trust.


Empower your employees with the right skills and mindset to adopt Cloud at scale.

Customer stories. Become a leading digital company with Devoteam A Cloud.

Progressive zero-carbon transformation through cloud migration

The challenge Engie structures its activities around electricity, natural gas…

Innovation through publishing services: building a scalable web-platform

The challenge With more than 200 years in the business,…

Enriched features on new customer portal on AWS

The challenge The company has solidified its position as the…

Bouygues Telecom opts for better change through migration to the cloud

The challenge With more than 8,000 employees and 500 stores,…

SEDE Veolia achieves unprecedented efficiency with AWS cloud and IOT

The challenge Sede Veolia specializes in multi-channel processing of both…

Creating a sustainable and smart office environment

The challenge The client is a leading pharmaceutical company with…

Empower your business with a holistic approach to AWS Cloud. Anticipate enterprise and users’ needs.

Work with awarded Cloud engineers and reap untapped value, with guidance, support and knowledge every step of the way.

Reimagine & map

Assess your current environment and plan your change.

Build & Operate

Benefit from AWS solutions sized to your needs and run seamlessly with our dedicated Center of Excellence in Portugal.


Craft user experiences aligned with your business and your users’ needs.

Learn & Evolve

Connect your teams to their new environment and empower them to evolve continuously.


Communicate widely to attract new users.

Why choose us. At Devoteam A Cloud, we apply our expertise to drive innovation and business value with AWS.

Build your future in the cloud with us.

350 specialists
600 certifications
4 AWS competencies

Insights and events. The digital world is changing continuously. Keep up and follow all AWS innovative moves.


December 7, 2021

Devoteam enters a Strategic Collaboration with AWS to focus on accelerating EMEA customers cloud adoption.

Devoteam A Cloud will hire 1500 cloud experts by 2025…

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