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Enable productivity with
Edge Computing.

Make buildings, factories, processes interactive and intelligent to build the Industry 4.0 with Cloud technologies.

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Your challenge. Leverage AWS to become a smart factory and improve business operations.

Smart factory is within reach. 

Companies need a plan and a tech solution to use autonomous and collaborative robotics in production, do real-time inventory and production tracking, perform predictive maintenance or support the health and well-being of their workers on the shop floor.

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How we do it Harness your edge devices data and enable them to act intelligently.

Build your 4.0 factory.

Connect every machine with edge computing technologies and benefit from a remote and global overview of your factory processes.

Analyze your machine data to visualize your factory pain points

Factory equipment has heterogeneous languages and protocols. Collect and translate machine data from the factory floor to the cloud and turn it into actionable insights to enhance overall equipment effectiveness (OEE).

Align business goals with IoT data and create efficient predictive models.

Analyse the company and production challenges to define the key criteria of business-oriented predictive models that will enhance global productivity.

 Build predictive models to enhance productivity.

Benefit from a real-time digital representation of your factory production to reduce costs, waste and downtime. Make fast decisions to optimize your production and supply chain.

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December 7, 2021

Devoteam enters a Strategic Collaboration with AWS to focus on accelerating EMEA customers cloud adoption.

Devoteam A Cloud will hire 1500 cloud experts by 2025…

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