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The Devoteam A Cloud Loft for AWS solutions goes into the next round

Loft A Cloud

Sessions, workshops, tech talks and best practices: The second edition of Devoteam’s A Cloud Loft is a meeting place for AWS enthusiasts and experts around the topics of data, migration, AI, machine learning and security.

October, 2022 – Devoteam A Cloud, a leading partner in implementing digital transformation strategies and solutions based on AWS technologies, announces the continuation of its digital Devoteam A Cloud Loft.

In close partnership with AWS, Devoteam supports its customers on the path to digital transformation on the basis of over 700 certifications in a total of four AWS competencies and accompanies them, for example, in the modernisation of infrastructure, data and applications with the AWS enterprise cloud platform.

As part of the second round of the Devoteam A Cloud Loft, customers, AWS enthusiasts and experts will once again have the opportunity to explore the opportunities and challenges of digital transformation using AWS technologies through various sessions, workshops, tech talks, and best practices starting October 31. Participants will have the opportunity to experience in a pleasant virtual ambience what range of services are available through Devoteam A Cloud and what possibilities arise for digitisation using Devoteam A Cloud and AWS.

Experience digitization topics up close

As in the first edition of the Devoteam A Cloud Loft, everything revolves around digitisation. The experts from Devoteam and AWS not only address the most pressing topics around microservices and serverless – the portfolio of sessions in the current A Cloud Loft also covers topics such as data, migration, artificial intelligence, machine learning and security – available 24/7 on-demand.

Thus, Devoteam A Cloud combines technical expertise with illustrative examples and ensures that companies can exploit their full potential and use the numerous insights to take digitization to the next level.

“With the new edition of our A Cloud Loft, we not only offer a virtual space in which digitization can be experienced up close – we also pick up on new focal points, trends and exciting topics that were missing in our first loft,” explains Boro Milivojevic, Country Manager A Cloud at Devoteam Germany. “We’re also making the loft even more accessible for our customers, AWS enthusiasts, and anyone involved in digitalisation. Due to the availability of all content around the clock and the possibility to access all sessions, tech talks and hands-on demonstrations on demand, the A Cloud Loft becomes a cozy living room in which instead of a crackling stove, the future of digital transformation provides cozy warmth!”

From beginner to professional – Different experience levels for optimised time in the loft

As with the first edition of A Cloud Loft, the new version also uses the familiar gradation in different levels of experience. “We know that not every visitor to our loft can have direct access to every topic at an advanced level of experience – the selection of focal points is simply too large for that,” explains Boro Milivojevic.

“Due to the division into levels 100 for beginners, 200 for advanced and 300 for professionals, it is clear from the outset what level of experience you need to have in order to fully benefit from the individual offers and take as much new as possible with you.”

Further information on the content, the tech talks and registration can be found on the Devoteam A Cloud Loft website: