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Define an Omni-Channel Contact Centre using Amazon Connect

Define your Customer Experience

Devoteam A Cloud Consulting Offer


Co-build with all your ecosystem’s cloud stakeholders a Cloud Security Strategy adapted to your risk management policy, regulatory requirements of your business sector and agility needs of your Business IT organisation.


Starter Package Deliverables (up to 6 weeks)

  • Assessment of your Customer Experience (CX) interactions and journeys maturity level
  • Presentation of CX roadmap and action plan
  • Materials to increase Contact Centre as a Service awareness of your C-level management, IT & Business actors
  • CX roadmap: themes, actions, stakeholders, prerequisites – aligned with industry trends and IT / Business roadmaps
  • 1-5 ‘CX roadmap’ follow-up KPIs


Customer Contribution

  • Identification of key stakeholders (operational and decision-makers) and assurance of their availability for workshop(s)
  • Collection of technical, functional and organizational reference documents about customer interactions and journeys via different channels and roadmap, data classification matrix, and standards, cloud roadmap and global architecture, organization chart
  • Requirements to build cloud security KPIs

Key Activities


Confirmation of project targets, overview of customer contacts and interactions and CRM high level assessment of Contact Centre infrastructure (on technical and functional axis), inventory of internal / regulatory requirements.

1-2 workshops to initialize the CX roadmap

Presentation of similar CX roadmaps, 1st proposal based on customer experience priorities (process, operating models, tools), disposal to implement and follow-up the roadmap, project key success factors, com. plan.

2-X workshops to co-build the CX roadmap

With the operational business teams, IT teams other support functions (purchasing, legal, HR) to refine the requirements to be applied, the priorities, the schedule and the continuous improvement cycle + Awareness sessions with High-Management.

Final presentation

Meeting with C-level /High-Management to get final decision.

Customer Ready Solutions

Relying on our expertise and our Contact Centre experiences acquired with clients in all business sectors, you will build a pragmatic, comprehensible and efficient Cloud Contact Centre roadmap that help you achieve your customer experience needs to adequately provide better customer experience across multiple channels, using self-service, automation via AI and knowledge management tools.