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Chapter 5

Leverage Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to improve every interaction

The role of AI and ML has changed the overall customer experience. Amazon Connect empowers agents to understand customer needs more quickly and to improve their performance, with Contact Lens for Amazon Connect. Contact Lens uses ML to help ensure a consistent customer experience using detailed analytics and sentiment analysis to discover customer insights. 

Using Natural Language Processing (NLP) and speech-to-text analytics, Contact Lens for Amazon Connect does all the following: 

  • Helps agents resolve questions faster with real-time analytics, and Contact Lens for Amazon Connect offers prompts and guided scripts. 
  • Monitors calls for customer issues and automatically alerts supervisors when an agent needs assistance. Contact Lens for Amazon Connect also analyses call transcripts, sentiment, and conversation characteristics to detect issues and customer trends. 
  • Flags any customer-experience issues and places them in categories based on keyword and phrase matching done within Contact Lens for Amazon Connect.

Amazon Connect Customer Profiles integrates with some of today’s most powerful technologies to bring together customer information from multiple applications into a unified customer profile. This allows small businesses to do more with less—democratising the tools of AI for small and medium-sized businesses so they can keep up with the fast-advancing marketplace

Built-in AI capabilities allow agents to anticipate customer needs and proactively offer resolutions, personalising the customer experience through voice and chat. 

Amazon Connect delivers insights to agents as they begin customer interactions, enabling better customer experiences with fewer resources and lower costs. Armed with the full picture wherever they are, agents can create a more positive, personalised experience. 

Through intelligent, natural-language virtual assistants, AI also enhances the automated experience. AI-powered voice and chatbots can improve efficiency while delivering positive customer experiences, such as:

  • Assisting a large number of customers 24×7, without needing a human presence 
  • Handling a variety of time-consuming manual tasks, such as changing passwords, requesting balances, or scheduling appointments, without the need to speak to an agent
  • Troubleshooting quickly 
  • Delivering essential data to potential customers efficiently
  • Helping agents and managers understand actual customer needs and identify complex problems 
  • Proactively start a conversation with customer