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Chapter 2

Cost-effectively launching an omnichannel contact centre

Through years of experience with customers large and small, Amazon found gaps in the traditional contact centre model, which they began to fill 10 years ago by building their own contact centre technology. 

Traditional contact centres lack modern capabilities like selfservice configuration, dynamic contact flows that intelligently adjust responses in real-time, and the ability to converse with customers using natural language. Amazon designed these capabilities for their own contact centre technology—the one hundreds of millions of Amazon customers use every day. Now they made that same customer/contact centre technology available to businesses of all sizes, such as Amazon Connect. 

Amazon Connect offers small and medium-sized businesses affordable, agile, enterprise-level capabilities cost-effectively in the cloud with:

  • No facilities upkeep or overhead to pay for
  • No complex, expensive licensing models – payment required only for what they use
  • No long-term commitments or heavy upfront costs
  • No equipment to buy (beyond headsets and laptops)
  • No new code to write
  • Frequent product enhancements—no need to wait for annual or biannual updates to seamlessly add new features

Amazon Connect helps improve business resiliency by empowering contact centre employees to deliver a seamless customer experience—from anywhere. It takes only minutes rather than months to deploy a pilot or launch an entirely new Amazon Connect contact centre. 

With a solution like Amazon Connect, organisations can eliminate the complexity, expense, and manual configuration of the traditional contact centre. That can save up to 80% compared to traditional contact centre solutions. 

And they start from the same foundation Amazon built from the ground up for our own retail business more than 10 years ago. Now companies of all sizes use the Amazon Connect omnichannel contact centre to support from ten to tens of thousands of agents and serve millions of customers daily with next-generation use cases. 

By taking advantage of the global AWS infrastructure, organisations access more than contact centre technology; Devoteam and Amazon Connect can create or have created virtual contact centres for companies like yours.