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Episode 2: Sustainable IT – Guest: Graham Zabel, Head of DevOps at Devoteam

A Cloud Lounge Series

Enterprises estimate that around 32 per cent of their cloud spend is wasted. Most organisations have cost optimisation and waste management strategies but around 80% believe it is a challenge to manage both. It is also estimated that by 2025, the technology sector could consume 20% of the world’s total electricity, that triples its share from 2020. The increase is being attributed to the expansion of cloud computing and the further development of new technology. Running IT sustainably is a challenge and it is critical to understand your ESG goals, control waste management and optimise your costs on the Cloud.Hear the host, Prabhat Handoo speak with our Head of DevOps, Graham Zabel on how these challenges can be solved. Know more how we are addressing these challenges for a London based large financial enterprise. Graham is passionate about doing cloud the right and sustainable way – know more about his famous “Storage is cheap” talk.To know more about Devoteam A Cloud – click consulting offers on our ESG – working backwards workshop and a demo on our Carbon Calculator tool. 

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