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Episode 3: AWS re:Invent Key Takeaways – Guests: Andy Montgomery, CTO Devoteam and Mark Dalton, Director

A Cloud Lounge Series

AWS re:Invent is officially over and we hope you enjoyed the event as much as Devoteam A Cloud did. We met with peers, customers, and partners while thoroughly enjoying the thought provoking sessions. While there were many insightful sessions to attend, you may have missed some. Fear not as the Devoteam A Cloud team shares the highlights from the keynote presentations and our favourite sessions. Join us for an exclusive webcast with our A Cloud Team Andy Montgomery and Mark Dalton who join our webcast host, Prabhat Handoo to uncover some of the latest announcements from the most important AWS conference of 2022. We unpack and discuss the most impactful AWS features released and review all the updates in a roundtable discussion. Don’t miss out, watch our webcast here.

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