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Episode 1: Breaking the Monolith – Guest: Ingvar Thorbjornsson, Principal DevOps Consultant Devoteam

A Cloud Lounge Series

Monolithic applications have been an area of concern for many organisations. One of the main issues with monolithic infrastructures is that they can be difficult to scale and maintain. Because everything is tightly coupled together, it can be hard to scale individual components of the system separately. This can lead to performance bottlenecks and slow response times. With the invention of Cloud computing, businesses are now looking to get away from legacy and monolithic applications and adopt modern technologies like serverles and microservices. This helps them to innovate, scale and yet be cost effective in the modern times.Our host Prabhat Handoo talks with Ingvar Thorbjornsson, our Principal DevOps consultant on the best suitable solution for breaking a monolithic application using strangler patterns. Using the re-architect and re-platform methodologies, see how Ingvar created a PoC design for a large financial services institution based in London.

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