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Accelerate Cloud Migration with AWS OLA

Gain a deeper understanding of your current licensing costs and increase efficiency while reducing costs. Amazon Web Services Optimization and Licensing Assessment (AWS OLA) evaluates your third-party licensing costs to help you right-size your resources, reduce costs, and explore flexible licensing options.

Your Challenge. Right-size your licensing Gain maximum value from existing licensing entitlements and adapt your on-premises licensing strategies to enable a faster cloud migration.

Software licensing costs are 3x the cost of all other costs in the cloud combined. Reasons to migrate and optimize SQL Servers on AWS:

(Source: Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) paper commissioned by Evolve Cloud Services, Reduce Licensing and Infrastructure Cost while on the Move to the AWS Cloud, April 2022.)

45% reduction in Microsoft SQL Server licensing costs.
77% reduction in Windows Server licensing cost.
98% of customers are able to migrate without additional license investments.

Benefits of AWS OLA

Assess and optimize your current on-premises and cloud environments, based on resource utilization,
third-party licensing, and application dependencies.

  • Right-size your resources

Build an inventory of your compute resources and utilization requirements to determine the right blend of instances,
dedicated hosts, savings plans, and other options.

  • Reduce costs

Explore recommendations to get the most value from your existing licensing by configuring your instances
to require fewer licenses without impacting performance.

  • Explore flexible licensing

Model different licensing scenarios with license included or Bring Your Own License (BYOL) instances
to pay for what you need and avoid vendor lock-in.

How we do it.

Optimization and Licensing Assessment

Asses the consumption, cost,and provisioning of your Windows workloads on-premises and in AWS

Scope Workloads

Determine prospective workloads to optimize

Collect Data

Collect utilization data for workloads, using Migration Evaluator or third-party tooling


AWS or AWS Partners analyze the data to model costs and optimization scenarios


Review the results of your OLA and build your business case or start a migration proof-of-concept

Our AWS OLA Offering

AWS Infrastructure Assessment and License Optimization (OLA)

Optimize your Cloud Environment