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Optimize your Cloud Environment.

Devoteam A Cloud Consulting Offer

With AWS OLA (Optimization and Licensing Assessment), we develop a detailed proposal for your cloud strategy and develop a migration plan for you. Therefore we perform an inventory of all compute resources including Windows instances and evaluate them holistically:

We show how an optimization of your infrastructure on AWS could look like – including the impact of license dependencies.

We forecast what costs will be incurred for your optimized IT environment on AWS and what savings potential lies behind it. To do this, we analyze your existing IT infrastructure and its utilization.

How we do it.

Optimize Resources

Get an inventory of your compute resources and their actual usage. This data gives you all the information you need to identify the right instances in AWS.

Reduce Costs

Use the OLA’s recommendations to get the most out of your existing license entitlements.


We show you what environments with modern cloud technologies look like.

With the assessment being performed by experienced Devoteam A Cloud experts and the reliable data from this survey, your company will receive cost models for all workloads based on the optimal size of instances and the optimal licensing costs.

Devoteam’s partner status with AWS means that in most cases, this OLA can be conducted with minimal investment or even completely free of charge.

Take advantage of this Devoteam offering to get accurate, data-driven and optimized cost predictions and licensing recommendations for your current and your future AWS environment.

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