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Chapter 5

Build with generative AI on AWS

Innovate with generative AI
With enterprise grade security and privacy, a choice of leading foundation models, a data first approach, and the most performant, low-cost infrastructure, organisations trust AWS to deliver generative AI fueled innovation at every layer of the technology stack.

Securely build and scale generative AI applications
AWS also offers the most comprehensive set of services, tooling, and expertise to help you protect your data, so it remains secure and private when you customise and fine tune foundation models.

The most performant, low-cost infrastructure
Train your own models and run interference at scale. With AWS, you get the most performant and low-cost infrastructure for generative AI and the broadest choice of accelerators in the cloud.

Data as your differentiator
With AWS, it’s easy to use your organisation’s data as a strategic asset to customize foundation models and build more differentiated experiences.