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Bouygues Telecom opts for better change through migration to the cloud

The snapshot


Advancing company agility by migrating to the Cloud


Improving the time to market for business units


Adding support in terms of security

The challenge

With more than 8,000 employees and 500 stores, Bouygues Telecom strives to provide its 20.5 million customers with easy access to the best digital technology offers.

In order to improve the time to market of the business units and bring value to both customers and the Bouygues Telecom company, a digital transformation in the form of migrating to the Cloud was crucial.

The solution

Devoteam added business value to Bouygues Telecom through a couple of factors. The first was to provide support in developing a strategy of how to introduce this monumental change.

The second was operational. This change occurred through the migration of the sales portal. It resulted in 50% reduction in TCO, thanks to pay-as-you-go billing and increased speed and scalability.

The better change

Migrating to the Cloud to satisfy business needs and potentiate operational excellence

Transforming the way employees work

Breaking barriers between Devs and Ops

People’s experience