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AWS Cloud Readiness Assessment

Get detailed information about Amazon Web Services (AWS) and the  the opportunity to design or evaluate your already existing cloud strategy.

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What outcome can you expect?

Reduction of Business Risk

Assess the risks and benefits of migrating each application to the cloud. This helps you identify applications with high cloud business value (e.g., increased performance, increased agility, etc.) for better prioritization of your cloud migration roadmap. Minimize risk with automated alerts of potential data breaches, availability issues, etc.

Increasing Sales and Operational Efficiency

Faster and better decision-making regarding the migration strategy for each application. Break down innovation barriers, tackle mission-critical operations, and deliver more value with the cloud.

Improving Performance in the Areas of IT and the Environment

Faster assessment of large-scale application portfolios through a standardized process. Enjoy a faster comparison of the migration options and choose the migration option that best fits your strategy with more confidence.

How we do it.

Initiation & Preparation

Capture the business context including the general and specific drivers for the assessment. Identification of existing AWS accounts, organizations and consumption


Establish the architecture frameworks to be used and data-points to be collected. Identify sources of information, and named points-of-contact. Assess your organization’s readiness for cloud migration from questions and determine based on the cornerstone for successful cloud adoption. Business, People, Governance, Platform, Security and/or Operations.


Construction of a catalogue of applications, data, technologies, processes and organisation structure, which is populated with multiple data points against each element.


Interpretation and presentation of the assessment findings, typically expressed in terms of the fitness of each component, its sustainability and contribution to the overall risk profile. Define possibility for AWS Funding.

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Cloud Readiness Assessment

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