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VMware Cloud – Seamless move to Cloud

Smart way to application lift & shift from an AWS Premier consulting partner.

Devoteam A Cloud Consulting Offer


Benefit from the expertise and experience of Devoteam A Cloud to adopt and accelerate your Migration program. Devoteam A Cloud supports your project with AWS MAP methodology, reduces and secures project costs and user impacts.

Starter Package Deliverables (up to 6 weeks)

  • Technical target design & POC
  • Project costs identification such as pre-migration workstream and applications migration roadmap
  • VMware Cloud, Disaster Recovery Plan & AWS Design
  • VMware Cloud, Disaster Recovery Plan & AWS TCO with licencing review and SLA/DRP targets

Customer Contribution

  • 2 workshops to access customer AWS and VMC maturity
  • 2 workshops to macro plan and cost of applications migration
  • 3 workshops to define together VNX & VCDR targets (architecture, network, SLA & DRP, security, licenses (Microsoft, Oracle…), monitoring tools)
  • Provide on premise cost (infra, licence, hidden costs etc)
  • 2 ‘Business Case’ workshops about AWS & VNC cost steering

Key Activities

Analysis of the global context & identification of pre-migration projects.

Macro review of the application Inventory & macro costing of applications migration

AWS & VMC TCO based on VMC & VCDR targets (architecture; network, SLA & DRP, security, licences (Microsoft, Oracle …), monitoring costs)

VMC Migration: pilot validation, operating model, technical constraints

Customer Ready Solutions

VMC Migration are completely “painless” for development teams, as there is no production outage. Migrations are fast and Migration costs are low due to VMC migration tools (HDX module). Customer simplify VMware operations with AWS Managed Services and start his cloud journey.

“Having infrastructure capacities used at 80% compared to on premise where customer were rather at 30%. In 12 minutes, you can add an additional host, which was a real project before.”