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Boosting your cloud-based innovation with AWS platform

cloud-based innovation

48% of EMEA companies use AWS  

And 21% of organizations quote AWS as is their primarily cloud provider

4 sectors that favour AWS the most:


Public Sector



62% of cloud innovators* are using AWS

Most used workloads:

39% Analytics & data lakes
37% Databases
31% AI/ML

*cloud users that are driving digital business transformation based on cloud

88% of companies using AWS consider that
they have already achieved positive business
outcomes on the back of their cloud usage

For AWS users, the main value-add of cloud is “increased business and
IT productivity” (41%)

Highest satisfaction rate:


European companies are using multiple cloud providers

Within the 48%
of companies that use AWS…

  • 50% are also using Azure
  • 44% are also using GCP

And it goes for the other hyperscalers as well

48% of companies use Google Cloud

In that sample,

  • 44% are also using AWS
  • 45% are also using Azure

58% of companies use Microsoft Azure

In that sample,

  • 41% are also using AWS
  • 37% are also using GCP

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2021 Devoteam x IDC cloud benchmark survey was carried out on 700 IT and business decision makers from across the EMEA region (Middle East, Iberia, Nordics, Benelux, UK, DE, FR) of 500+people companies.

To dive into the insights survey, download the white paper Accelerating Digital Innovation with Cloud.

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