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Exit Your Data Center with Confidence Using VMware Cloud in AWS  

According to Gartner, 85% of today’s core IT applications were not built for the cloud. And if you’re looking to move business-critical applications to the cloud and refactoring is not an option, you are not alone. Seemingly “untouchable” workloads that run on-prem, are typically 5+ TB in size, and are latency-sensitive require special attention. You might need more performance than what the cloud can provide natively today.

Your Benefits

Quickly onboard

Rapidly move workloads from on-premises environments to AWS while simplifying your operations and reducing cost.

Flexibility and scalability

Ability to scale clusters in minutes and fluctuate capacity across global regions.

Get the help you need

VMware and AWS offer support for the service as well as pre-onboarding consultation and guidance, and account activation.

Familiar interface

Contain using familiar tools such as your VMware environment and leverage your existing people and skill-sets while monitoring your system.

One value of migrating to VMware cloud on AWS is the fact of using 80% of the capacity, compared to the situation on premise where we were rather at 30%. In 12 minutes, you can add an additional host, which was a real project before (ordering, receiving, installing and implementing).

How we do it. Harness the full power of cloud and generate sustainable growth.

Set the pace of your migration

Design a business-led strategy based on AWS framework, set KPI’s to monitor strengths and weaknesses and align stakeholders. Make the cloud a business enabler with the right strategy.

Streamline your IT investments in the Cloud.

Keep your applications as-is without rethinking it and migrate them to the AWS universe to benefit from evolutionary infrastructure and detailed billings.

Increase velocity with re-engineered apps. 

Re-engineer your applications to automate deployment management, adopt a microservices approach and faster time to market.

Unlock innovations thanks to cloud-native apps.

Rethink your information systems capabilities and build event-driven and innovative architecture as well as a performant product in AWS Cloud.

Move successfully from on-premises architecture to the AWS cloud. In this eBook we focus on five key migration priorities: – Identifying the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) on AWS – Confirming the access conditions to the Migration Acceleration Program – Identifying the necessary milestones for successful implementation – Mobilising critical internal and external resources – Assessing cloud platform capabilities, security processes, cloud financial management and much more

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VMware Cloud – Seamless move to cloud

Benefit from the expertise and experience of Devoteam A Cloud to adopt and accelerate your Migration
program. Devoteam A Cloud supports your project with AWS MAP methodology, reduces and secures project costs and user impacts.

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