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AWSome Skills Program

AWSome Skills Program

Devoteam A Cloud is one of the largest AWS partners in Europe supporting customers across 6 countries with more than 400 experts with 800 certifications.
To support the stellar growth on AWS solutions, Devoteam A Cloud has launched the A Cloud AWSome Skills Program to attract new talents that will be:

  • Trained jointly by AWS and Devoteam to become official certified AWS experts.
  • Become more impactful through personal mentoring and shadowing of our lead consultants
  • Invited to the Global Bootcamp to be trained on AWS Cloud Enablement framework, learn from the best practises at customers and works as a team on soft skills development
  • Graduate into one of the 3 official Devoteam AWS expert roles
  • Receive a Devoteam A Cloud Expert Badge (that will be used on LinkedIN)

Seats are first come, first serve. So please check below, if you meet the criteria and apply fast to reserve your ticket to the AWS expert rocket ride.

Who is eligible?

We allow any types of talents to join the Academy program, no matter if you are graduate, career changer or self-made IT guru. Check out the phase you are in and the related development plan within the job role below.


Devoteam A Cloud Job Role Development Path

Manage, visualize and build all your Cloud Development and Data Skills with our new program. For the AWSome Skills Program starting in September 2022,
we offer 4 development paths for these job roles:


Since the majority of the solutions used on the market are based on principles of the Devops concept, this engineering role also includes an architecture role. As a DevOPS Engineer/ Architect, the main focus is on reproducible system architectures (IaC), a fully automated rollout with the help of pipelines & CI/CD, but also the clear understanding of how a solution could look like in the cloud. From container workloads to serverless concepts, everything has to be considered nowadays to present an attractive solution to the customer.


As a Senior Data Engineer at Devoteam you will work as a part of the specialized team helping customers to innovate and improve their business. The main purpose is to design, develop and deliver original, high-quality and tailor-made data solutions. You will communicate closely with the customer to understand their needs and translate them into technical requirements. Some of the daily duties will include designing data warehousing along with developing data pipelines and databases for customer projects.


As a software engineer you design, implement and take ownership of customer projects involving complex distributed systems. You work on the customer’s premise and in-house at Devoteam. You provide technical expertise and develop applications following the requirements. You have experience of development standards & best practices, produce quality code and deliver functionality to the end user. You are responsible for (unit)-testing, integration, installation, maintenance and automation of your system. You work in the software project team in collaboration with the software architect and the project manager. Besides your role as a Software developer, you will also contribute to the growth of our Software Development practice, by consolidating and sharing your knowledge and experience with your colleagues at Devoteam.

Solution Architect

The ultimate first step for A Cloud new starters – enabling you to start your learning from Associate till Professional level while getting to know the  fundamentals of building IT infrastructure on AWS, ways to optimize the use of the AWS cloud by understanding AWS services, how these services fit into cloud-based solutions and how they can be applied across various industries and projects.

Graduation plans

Novice graduation plan

Novices will be assessed by a Tech-Lead and when validated, will be allowed to the next A Cloud Academy training cohort for 1 week. Then they will be assigned a mentor and projects to shadow lead consultants during week 4 for a period of one month. Afterwards, Novices will be given two weeks to prepare for the exam and complete their graduation plan resulting in an AWS Associate level certification.

Pro graduation plan

Pros will be assessed by a Lead consultant and when validated, will be allowed to the next A Cloud Academy training cohort for 1 week. Afterwards, Pros will be given two weeks to prepare for the exam and complete their intermediate level certification. Then they will be assigned a mentor and projects resulting in the completion of their graduation program.

Expert graduation plan

Experts will be assessed by a Lead consultant and when validated, will be allowed to the next A Cloud Academy training cohort for 1 week. Then they will be assigned a Lead Project on week 3. Afterwards, experts will be given a couple of weeks to prepare for the exam and complete their expert level certification while finalizing their assigned project. Thus resulting in the completion of their graduation plan.

Developing your career after the AWSome Skills Program

Once successfully completed the AWSome Skills Program, you will be able to design and develop your personal career plan through the A Cloud Academy framework. This framework will be your personal companion to identify how and when you will be able to develop yourself from Hero into becoming a Technical leader (Individual Contributor like a CTO, CSO) and/or Business Leader.

from Expert to Hero

The AWSome SkillsProgram offers to you:

  • Permanent employment contract
  • Personal mentoring by experienced consultants
  • Shadowing by our consultants in projects
  • Devoteam A Cloud funded training and AWS certifications
  • Tips and tricks from our certified consultants for the exams


Our benefits for you:

  • Development: Internal Academy with AWS training on cloud, development and project management & exclusive certification programs through our AWS partnership
  • Diverse customer projects: holistic projects at leading with the use of state-of-the-art cloud technologies
  • Our basics: Flexible working hours, part-time models, remote work
What we are looking for

What we are looking for

Your profile:

  • School degree
  • Career changers are welcome
  • Motivation and joy to support and advise our customers on AWS cloud projects.
  • Affinity and passion for the IT world, especially digitization and transformation
  • Confident communication
  • Willingness to travel – but our motto « Sleep in Your Own Bed » makes a lot of things easier!

Devoteams Culture and Perks

Agile organization

We know the secret to progression is flexibility. Opportunities are always open to committed employees.

Open and honest culture

We believe in flat hierarchies, open doors and management who listen. This is our way, every day.

Attractive career model

Our colleagues benefit from continuous development, with mentorship and training at every step.

A professional academy

Education is an essential building block of career progression. This is a core part of what we do.

Part-time or full-time

From consultant to manager, we keep working arrangements flexible because we know every situation is different.

A motivating philosophy

We have a company-wide culture of motivation and support, we all have each other’s backs.

Apply now for your Skills

We’re always on the lookout for creative sparks who have a passion for AWS technologies.

The digital future is happening now and at Devoteam, we create a culture of visionaries who are like-minded and dedicated to creative change.

Build the skills you need to land some of the most sought after job roles in tech.

AWSome Skills Program