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Chapter 3

Why are migration and modernization important to IT professionals today?

Today’s IT professionals are generally tasked to achieve three critical objectives. First, they must respond to customer demands. This requires fast, dynamic scalability—the ability to quickly and reliably scale up to meet the needs of millions of customers and back down when demand subsides, again and
again, all without wasting budget.
Next, competitive pressures are charging today’s IT professionals with the often-contradictory goals of succeeding in an increasingly crowded marketplace while also reducing

Finally, IT professionals must continuously win new customers, delighting them with applications that meet their needs in exciting ways. Today’s CIOs must pivot to different directional priorities at a moment’s notice—while also pursuing all of them simultaneously. IT professionals are meeting these challenges through application modernization and transformation of their infrastructure. They’re pivoting to new business models, developing unique and engaging customer experiences, enabling remote working and remote learning for staff, and optimizing processes for greater agility, more frequent application development, and cost reduction. Cloud migration is often an essential component of these strategies. The cloud enables faster and more frequent application releases, cost
reduction through greater management efficiency and data center consolidation, and the freedom to direct more resources toward innovation by outsourcing administrative tasks.